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Full Version: Using soft delete breaks the subforum
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So when i have threads everything is normal: 

[Image: RgrA595.png]

After soft delete:

[Image: d9M2n4c.png]

After Permanent Delete all comes back to ussual:

[Image: Oc0uTTB.png]

Any ideas?
Somewhere the colspan doesn't match...did you edit some templates?
(2017-02-10, 07:28 PM)SvePu Wrote: [ -> ]Somewhere the colspan doesn't match...did you edit some tempates?

That's what im searching... Sad
Could yo send me your forum url and and a mod/supermod account?

So I could check it myself.
In the soft deleted post, the hyphen shows in the thread rating.
You've removed the thread rating for normal threads, but it's still there for soft-deleted threads.
Yes, the column count does not agree.
Forumdisplay_thread_deleted (or soft_deleted) template was added with 1.8.9 changes, make sure that number of cells matches (<td>) the ones in forumdisplay_thread.