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Full Version: Attachment thumbnails now only showing clickable links
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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of why attachments no longer show thumbnails? 

It just shows a clickable link instead. The only way for images to show is to use full size image; which, i dont really want to do.

I can only assume its a javascript issue of some sort? Maybe something else?

Example below.

Setting: Show Attached Thumbnails in Posts - "thumbnail"

It did used to behave itself. Any ideas gracefully received.

Sorry, site is - Mybb Test account from previous problem re-activated
Anyone got any ideas?
Is some more detail required before this can be looked into? Happy to provide.
you can change setting from Admin CP -> Attachment from here you can choose to show link or thumbnail or full size.
Hi Computing,

Cheers for the reply. Actually, thats a very good point i've not explained this clear enough (No wonder i never got a reply)

When i set it to use thumbnails as you describe, they no longer show up as thumbnails but as the icons in the linky above :

Is there some diagnostics i can do to determine if there is a bit of code missing or something? I've tried multiple browsers (addons disabled) and other people on our forum do appear to be having a simliar issue.
Hello do the following;
Home » Board Settings (Configuration) » Attachments » check Thumbnail.
Save and check again.
Hi Nasyr,

Yep, i know how to make them thumbnails. What i'm saying is when i DO the above, it shows up like icons and not actual thumbnails.

That's despite enabling thumbnails, rebuilding thumbnail cache and rebuilding the cache. They still show up as icons.
Really odd in this instance then, may I ask are you running the latest version of MyBB?
Also have you ran a File Verification within the ACP, if so what were the results of this?
Additionally a link to your forum would also be handy to have a look at this too.
maybe the theme does not allow thumbnail, have you tried different theme? or maybe default myBB theme?
Nope, theme has not changed. Was working fine for a while.

Yep running latest version of MyBB.

Ah feck, sorry its File Verification says everything is cool, output:

File Verification: No Problems Detected
File Status
Congratulations! No corrupt files have been found on your installation.
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