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Full Version: Admin Activation of User: No E-mail Verification?
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I have accounts set to be verified by E-mail and by me (there are good reasons for this with this particular forum). I had expected that new registrants would receive an E-mail once I had activated their account in the ACP, but that doesn't happen. I have read other threads that suggest this was fixed back in version 1.8.6, but I have the latest (1.8.10), and it's not happening. How can I automatically let members know that I have verified their accounts, please?
This is a known issue ( and will be fixed shortly Smile
(2017-02-13, 12:57 PM)Matt Wrote: [ -> ]This is a known issue ( and will be fixed shortly Smile

When's the next MyBB 1.8 update due?
When will be ready... no ETA as usually. You can apply changes manually
Ah, OK, Matt - thank you. Whilst I have your attention, your awaiting activation message plugin still doesn't work with the latest version. Smile