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Full Version: Hovercards – Display a delightful preview of user profiles on hover
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nice work!!
Hovercards 1.2 is out, with a remarkable new feature: support for JavaScript template conditionals.
I recently installed this plugin (among a few others) from your website. It is very well done and has worked very well for us.

Also, I noticed the backgrounds on the cards resemble the avatar colors. Very nice touch by the way (especially given that it's done in PHP). I'm a little curious as to how you pulled that off, it looks good. Smile
That is the adaptive colors feature, which is achieved with a JavaScript library called ColorThief. You can disable it within Hovercards settings.

Thank you for your kind words!
This has now been made available free
I downloaded the latest version 1.3, but when I check several options to show it, it doesn't show just two things, the name and when you joined the forum, what can I do?

and when I selected more options, it shows me why?
don't write it out properly, why?

[Image: Y2m3wvI.png]
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