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Full Version: Smilies & Post icons not working
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Hello peeps,

I installed the latest Verizon of MyBB yesterday and without any edits (plug-ins or themes) the smilies and post icons are not working or loading properly. 
I've just search here and Google as well and I'm seeing many others also have run into this issue as well.
However none of the threads I've read offered a clear fix for this issue.

I used my hosts installer app (godaddy) rather than a manual install.
I did come across another godaddy customer who also had the same issue.

The replies offered where to grant temp access to host CP and forum CP and to run query on sql.
I did run the queries but problem remained.

I now have 100 registered users and forums setup and posts so I really don't want to start over and annoy my users more than they already are......My site of two years was hacked and my members have had to create new accounts on this fresh install of MyBB yesterday.

As well mail doesn't seem to ever arrrive for those trying to activate new accounts so I've had to turn on instant actiation......however the contact us email does arrive to my hotmail account.
I'm not sure both issues are related but thought it worth a mention.
For now the issue I'm mainly focusing on is the smilies and post icons.
Thank you in advance for any support wit this issue Smile

Versionof MyBB: 1.8.10

BBelow is a screen shot of how smilies & icons are appearing:
First thing i will suggest is to check the post icons and smilies are showing in admin cp or not. I feel either the images path is incorrect or permissions of images folder is not correct.
Can you please check that ?

Thank you Wall for your suggestions.
I just checked icons & smilies in admin CP and no they also don't appear there either.
Yesterday when I noticed they weren't working I changed the permissioNS toe full 777, which didn't work either Sad
I will suggest deleting all smileys and importing them again as it will take all from a path in one go.
This should fix it.
I will try this and report back Wink

Sadly it didn't chance a thing Sad
This appears to be an issue arising when MyBB is installed from the web server's software installation options.
The html in the templates has the IMG source for the smilies as GIF files, but all the files loaded in the install are correctly PNG ones.
The solution is to go to Admin > Configuration > Smilies and edit the file name for each one to PNG.  When doing this, you are required to give a display order but this should appear as you hover over the edit link.  Just repeat the existing order.  These actions appear to alter the html in the templates so that the correct file extension is loaded for each IMG.
^ though it is a old topic, referred issue should be fixed by using SQL queries (assuming that database prefix is mybb)
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET  `path`= REPLACE (`path`, '.gif', '.png') WHERE `path` LIKE '%.gif%'; 
UPDATE `mybb_smilies` SET  `image`= REPLACE (`image`, '.gif', '.png') WHERE `image` LIKE '%.gif%'; 

rebuilding cache might also be required after running SQL queries

forum admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> Cache Manager >> [rebuild cache for posticons]

similarly rebuild cache for smilies