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Full Version: MyBB Script Crashes generating Core.* Files
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MyBB generates core.* files each file size 24.4 MB as shown on below image. I contacted with my hosting provider and they said your PHP script (MyBB) often crashes and generating these file. it start happening since I upgraded my forum to MyBB 1.8.10 before it was not happening. I am using MyBB since 2008 and it was never happen.

Domain: (MyBB installed since 2010)

[Image: rEyUN2a.png]
MyBB doesn't generate these files. It's probably either your host or a plugin (although I don't know any plugins that would creates such files).
Could you post a screenshot of "/index.php?debug=1"? So we have a better understanding of your scripts memory usage?
... and replies here should help further
After reading through everything I would say continue talking to your host. If they don't help switch a self-managed VPS with another provider :/
What's inside these files if you edit one? They look like cron job output files to me.

Quote:they said your PHP script (MyBB) often crashes and generating these file

What does "often crash" even mean? PHP apps can't "crash", and these files aren't any sort of standard PHP debug output. Hosting companies Rolleyes
Posting the content of a core file generated by MyBB Script

[Image: EhtpGGH.png]

How to solve this issue?
Contact your host.
A CORE file is basically a dump of memory into a file so someone with the proper tools can see what was going on.