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Full Version: How To: Remove/Disable/Hide unnecessary MyBB features
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I'm new here and want to make a small and modest contribution.

This tutorial is for guys, like me, who like simplicity or run small boards and don't need all the features activated by default. The goal is to disable / hide / remove unnecessary features so that the user can experience a streamlined and uncluttered interface. Focus is on user features that can be disabled through the Admin CP without editing code or adding a plugin. So this is what I have found during the recent process of setting up my fresh new installed board:

Disable Portal
ACP > Configurations > Portal Settings > Enable Portal = No

Disable Calendar
ACP > Configuration > Calendar > Enable Calendar Functionality = No

Disable "Send this user an email"
ACP > Users & Groups > Registered > Options > Edit Group > Tab Miscellaneous > Miscellaneous >  Can send threads to friends and email users? = No

Disable "Delete Thread / Post"
ACP > Users & Groups > Groups > eg: Registered Users > Options > Edit > Tab: Forums and Posts > Editing / Deleting Options

Disable Reputation System
ACP > Users & Groups > Choose Groups (eg: Registered) > Options > Edit Group > Users and Permissions Tab > Reputation System

Disable Multi-quote Buttons
ACP > Configuration > Show Thread Options > Show Multi-quote buttons = Off

Disable Thread Ratings
ACP > Configuration > Forum Display Options > Use Thread Ratings? = No

Disable Hot Thread Feature
ACP > Configuration > Forum Display Options >
- Replies For Hot Topic: set the requirements to be extremely high
- Views For Hot Topic: set the requirements to be extremely high

Remove Post Icons
ACP > Configuration > Left menu : Post Icons > Delete

Disable Warning System
ACP > Configuration > Warning System Settings

Disable Purge Spammer
ACP > Configuration > Purge Spammer

Disable Show Who's Online?
ACP > Configuration > Forum Home Options > Show Who's Online?
Thanks you for tutorial its very usefull.

How cn hide the replies from forum menu?
[Image: 2-A2-CA143-0739-4-E75-A3-A3-B0218-E3-A714-D.jpg]

I will like to hide the replies from mi site.

Thanks in advance
edit the forumbit_template and remove the replies column that stands for replies.
Thank you so much PARADOXP i will tru with that.

thanks in advance for support Smile