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Full Version: (PAID REQUEST)Thanks or Reputation when replying
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I'm looking a Thanks/Reputation plugin,i'm using Hide Content Until Reply plugin.

What i need is:

-when a user replies to see the hidden content,he clicks on REPLY or New reply button,writes his message inside and then when he clicks on post reply like this :

an automatic thanks or reputation must be added to the thread owner.

What i don't need is:

-the thread creater can't add rep/thanks to his own threads.

-the plugin must work only where i use hide content until reply plugin,that means,where no hidden content is used,no rep must be added.

If you need any other infos,please write me back.

And if you think that can do it,then please pm your price before you start working on it.

I can do this
@Nasyr i don't need to get in touch,i have opened my thread that you get in touch with me not me with you.If you can do it,then write here ,don't promote your services in my thread.

Thanks a lot
Thread can be moved,got the plugin from my brother DARK NEO.

Thanks a lot
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