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Full Version: Unwanted space when editing: is it a bug of the Editor?
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I thought it would be best to post here before reporting in the 1.8 Bugs and Issues Forum.

I have the following problem and I could reproduce here in the Community Forums > Testing Forum

1) I type a list of fruits:

2) Then I post:

3) I edit the post by changing the order of the fruits with a cut-paste and I delete the space left between the first two items by the cut-paste. Please note that at this stage there is NO SPACE between the items.

4) I save the changes and this is what I see:

There is now a SPACE between the first two items???
Anyone please?

At least to say that you are experiencing the same problem (bug?).

Can a moderator move this thread to the 1.8 Bugs and Issues forum please?
I think it is related to SCEditor, which is quite buggy. Anyway the new v2.0 is under development so should be there sooner then later. I recommend you to use alternative editors, for example Rin editor (from martec).
Thank you Eldenroot