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Full Version: Restored backup. Unable to log in to Admin CP
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I have not had a website since 2015 due to a protracted illness (long story). I have a new VPS up and running this week.

I have restored myBB from a backup in Aug 2015 (myBB 1.8.5) onto my VPS running Centos 6.8. I was getting a 500 internal sever error 500.

I have removed all plugins.  I have checked and updated both config.php and settings.php.  I have also updated SQL field ***_settings. I have removed ht access file as well.

I changed my admin password to test using

The front-end displays ok and I can log-in.

The back-end displays. I changed the secret pin to 'test' as well.  I am unable to log in with a message saying the secret pin is wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I found an old MyBB post which recommended changing admin email address and password. This did the trick. I was able to log in the admin cp.