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Full Version: Quick Reply Form is not displayed
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Hello MyBB Community.

Here is my environment:

MyBB Version     1.8.10
PHP Version     5.5.38
SQL Engine    MySQL 5.6.35

I have disabled once the option for the Quick Reply Form in AP -> Configuration -> Board Settings » Show Thread Options. I went ahead and attempted to enable it again, and although AP tells me that it is enabled, when a user views a thread, the Quick Reply Form is completely gone.

I have tried to disable it, and then renable it. I have cleared cookies with no avail. I've searched the forum, but it appears that I'm the first one posting this issue.

I can set up a test account or you can register if you want to test it.

Interesting! I'm marking this as "user configuration error."

I don't remember when, but apparently I had disabled my account to view the Quick Reply Form.

AP -> Home » Users » Edit User: user
Thread View Options
Show the quick reply box at the bottom of the thread view
user control panel also has an option for setting the quick reply

user control panel >> Edit Options >> Thread View Options >>
Show the quick reply box on the view thread page

it needs to be selected by the user to get the quick reply box at the thread pages.