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Full Version: After importing userdata, users can't login
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Hello -

I just uploaded all of my vbulletin4 members to the mybb_users table.  I tried using the merge system, but it imports more than I need, and it auto increments the userids.  So instead, I turned off autoincrement, then uploaded a csv file with the userid, username, and email address, then turned autoincrement back on.  The reason being, I use the userid in several scripts.  

I know the salt is different, so I didn't upload that.  Instead, I told a couple of test users to go to the login screen, enter their username, then click the "Lost Password" option to reset their password.  They received a temporary password via email as expected, then the confirmation email, but then can't login with it to change it. Instead, they get this error:

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
  • You have entered an invalid username/password combination. 

    If you have forgotten your password please retrieve a new one.

Any ideas on how to fix this?  Lightbulb
Sort of stuck here - can't really try out MyBB without some sage advise.
for a couple of users, can you also try using manually inserted passwords ?
(temporarily you can use blank for the salt & plain text for the password)
Thank you for your reply.

That did it.