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Full Version: Solved: aapedTom, bappedTom, crapTom... What is this crap?
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Hi All,

I'm new to running forums, so please forgive me Smile.

I have this user that keeps registering.  Some thing in Russia.  It registers under aapedTom, bappedTom, etc.  Banning him, blocking his email domain and IP doesn't help.  He just uses another or just spoofs it or whatever.  So I have some real basic questions:

Is this some dude with no life?

A bot?

How does it get by the CAPTCHA and activation email?  Just good bot programming?

The account never seems to do anything other than just register.  No spam or anything.  Is this a setup for future spamming?

Should I be worried about this?

Have you tried using Stop Forum Spam in your Configuration?

I don't recommend using "Check Usernames" but checking Email and IP will help.

Also play with the "Minimum stop forum spam weighting" I have mine set to 0. That is aggressive but it's how I like it as I don't want anyone listed on on my site.
See if you can try NoCAPTCHA from reCAPTCHA. I guess, MyBB 1.8 has a plugin for it.
^ plugin is not required for using reCaptcha or NoCaptcha from reCaptcha
registration method already has the facility of using them in the recent versions of MyBB
Thanks guys. I'll mark this on solved. Smile