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Full Version: Quick Reply Loads for ever
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Hello guys,

When I sent a quick reply message to a post it loads for ever... a .gif comes up...


test acc: test123
pw: test321

I have no idea what could be the problem... 

All regards, Styria

bump still needed need fix it quickly, released forum yesterday...

it also doesnt work at the default theme...

bump help pls
You have a trouble: images/revolution/jquery-ui.js is not present but called.
weird when i replace it it could work? but in the default theme it also doesnt work... and deletin threads also doesnt take effect immadietly i also need to refresh the page
it also doesn't work at the default template... any help? please
run file verification tool from below location. what does it report ?
admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> file verification

ignore reported images & ignore files reported from install folder & its sub-folders
[focus is on php files & js files]
inc/functions.php changed
admin/jscripts/codemirror/lib/codemirror.css changed

so this two php files are changed, should i sent then in here?

replaced the functions.php with the default mybb one, still the same problem

also replaced codemirror.css