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Full Version: Whole category disappeared from home page, unable to get it to show again :(
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A whole category/section of forum has 'disappeared' from home page - still shows in Admin control panel, but whatever I do (ticked 'active' box, tried adjusting display order etc) it won't show.

Any ideas please people?  Thanks if you can help.
would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & your web host control panel
(with access to database) - if required, you can give your own credentials & change them later
I'd love to .m. but am just about to go out!  Could it wait till later, or tomorrow pls?
^ yes, you can PM me tomorrow. Also now it is late night for me ..
(2017-03-25, 04:44 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ yes, you can PM me tomorrow. Also now it is late night for me ..

Oh right, sorry! Are you west (US?) or E of UK?
(2017-03-25, 04:44 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ yes, you can PM me tomorrow. Also now it is late night for me ..

Sorry .m., completely forgot about this next day; and Monday had to visit dentist urgently for abcess on tooth, spent nearly all day in town, too late (your night-time) when I got back.

However, thought if I added a reply to one of the threads in the category (Archive) it might somehow 'appear' it. Was on my way to do that, but looked at permissions first - noticed that all were ticked apart from "allow html" so ticked ('checked', for Americans!) that too - and hallelujah, the category magically appeared again!!

So, appreciate your kind offer, but all is now sorted, thanks!

(copy posted on other thread also, as I commented on it also in the 'myBB older versions' location.)

I'll mark myself as best answer then  Big Grin

Hope others in same predicament might find it helpful.
^ it looks good to have the forum back Smile
however disallowing html could not be the reason for its disappearing !
moreover we do not recommend to allow html in posting.
if html posting is a necessity then only trusted users & trusted user groups should have that privilege.
we use a plugin (eg. HTML in Posts) for such requirement.
Oh, right, ta! What's bad about html then?

Luckily, all our members are trustworthy I'd say, otherwise they'd not be allowed to remain members.
Layouts can be completely broken; external applications, which may not be safe, can be embedded. There are probably other reasons as well that I can't think of right now.
OK, thanks for the info.

Why would the category suddenly re-appear as soon as I did that though, if it wasn't the cause?

Our members wouldn't do anything damaging intentionally.