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Full Version: I want to see registered users passwords
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They are hashed. Is there any way i can disable it or something?
As a responsible forum "owner"/admin, I wouldn't dream of wanting to see my members' passwords - they are *private* to *them*!
can we know why you want to see passwords of registered users ?
whatever are the reasons, we can not help in getting passwords of users.
You want to disable password hashing?

What the.
IF you are trying to login to user accounts you can actually do that without knowing their password if you are admin. There are plugins in which allow you to post as that user, and there is a plugin that allows admins to login to any user accounts as if they were that user without using their password.

As for the passwords. You shouldnt know it. They might use the same password for their bank account (not smart, but possible). In which if you are an admin of a forum doesnt have the right to know their password.
(03-25-2017, 05:14 PM)kaarelyb Wrote: [ -> ]They are hashed. Is there any way i can disable it or something?

They're hashed to prevent you from viewing them, and anyone who manages to gain access to your database.

Forget about it.
Poor users Sad