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Full Version: Pop-up Attachment "Gallery"
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If this has already been suggested, I apologize. I could not find anything on it.

Basically, the current MyBB system makes it where when you attach images, it displays in a nice small "Preview" at the bottom, but when you click on it, it opens each image (One by one that you have to click on to see the original image) on a new page.

My suggestion:

When you click on any image in the small preview or "Attachment box" at the bottom of the post, it opens on the same page a pop-up of all the images that you can use Left and Right arrows on the side of the images to move on to the next image and vice verse.

Basically how Facebook works, you upload 5 images. You click on 1 and the image opens on the same page bigger, and you can scroll through the other images without leaving the page.
Would you like this to be thread-wide? I imagine having a gallery at a thread level (click an image takes it to that image within the thread-level gallery) would be useful for most cases.