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Full Version: Editing Threads Issues
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When I try to copy, sticky, delete, etc. a thread by clicking on the box to the right and hitting the button to edit it, I get an error that says I did not select a thread to edit.

The same thing is happening when I try to edit a post by clicking on the box and using the drop down list at the bottom to delete, merge, etc.

The only way I can sticky, close, etc. a thread is from within the thread. When I choose to do something to it, though, it automatically happens once I select it without letting me press "Go".

Is it my theme or is it the mybb version having issues?
which version of MyBB you are using ?
have you seen this => inline moderation issues
depending on your theme, that guidance might also be applicable for MyBB 1.8.10
I am using 1.8.10 but its been happening for a while. I thought later updates would fix it. They have not. I'll look into the link you sent me. Thanks.

That worked. Thanks a lot!