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I was setting my new forum . I installed Plugin Library and saw this . I don't know how can I fix this . What maybe the problem ? I believe this ain't a host problem for sure this is mybb one . 

Picture : 
[Image: fPaxAYU.png]
basically server error log should be checked to trace cause of such errors

check the location of the plugin library file - is it uploaded to ~/inc/plugins folder ?

if the problem persists then rename pluginlibrary.php as pluginlibrary.php.old
does the forum return to normal state ?
Nah , It still the same about the second method , I didn't understood .

Edit : when I save it as pluginlibrary.php.old , It makes the .txt file . Should I upload that ?
^ okay, can you delete pluginlibrary.php file which you have uploaded and check if you get the forum back
I already tried with that method . It doesn't works
who is your web host ?
if web host allows ftp connections from other regions then you may PM me
temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check the issue
The link doesn't opens how can i send you forum admin panel ? and for FTP , PMing you right now .

Edit : sent through PM
^ as conveyed through PM, ftp is not connecting for me. could be a region based restriction from your web host
So I need to setup again , oh orange . Big Grin

Just saw that I can access . Not to the mybb dir . Its mybb problems


I have an update .

After I applied that method , It showed :

[Image: 0ZqXCqF.png]

Functions.php code

Please fix it
looks like there is a problem with code added by Forum Access by Reputation plugin which was coded for an older version of MyBB

can you replace functions.php file in inc folder with file from fresh download of MyBB pack & check
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