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Full Version: Main page displays gibberish after domain and host migration
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Hi, I have a forum powered by MyBB 1.8.10 and have tried to migrate it to a new host (with a different domain).

I have followed the procedure outlined on this thread and this FAQ, as well as other threads: I have imported the SQL databases and changed the appropriate configuration in inc/config.php and inc/settings.php (for the cookies and domain). I have succesfully logged in to my Admin CP and changed in Site Details the old URL to the new one. 

The problem: When accessing the main page ( this is the result (screenshot). The Admin CP login page displays and words correctly.

Other info:
  • MyBB version 1.8.10
  • PHP version 5.6.30
  • SQL engine MySQLi 5.5.54
  • All files have correct permissions according to Tools & Maintenance
  • MyGoogle+ Connect plugin is installed but deactivated
looks like you can log into forum admin panel. decrease gzip level (set it 4) or disable it & check
you may have to hard refresh your browser on forum index (eg. press CTRL + F5) after saving the settings
It worked, thank you! :D

The gzip setting was set to 4, so tried with 3 (still didn't word) and finally disabled it. Not that it is very important to me, but is there any way I can get around to reenable it?
^ your server is already using the gzip compression (#). hence compressing again might not provide usable content !