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Full Version: Forum Index showing Previous last poster
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I have an issue on my forum where the forum Index is showing only the previous last poster, not the actual last poster. 

Forum is a migration from SMF, and this issue is happening on both old topics that were migrated across, and new topics.

I have the following plugins installed:

Enhanced Account Switcher; Apply Thread Prefix; Automention; Google SEO; Login Password Conversion; MentionMe; Mood Manager; MyAlerts; NewPoints; Online Today; OUGC Awards; Page Manager; Plugin Uploader; Private Message Log; Easy Post and Thread Moving; Profile Visitors; ProStats; Style Username; Thank you/Like system; Thread Descriptions; Thread Prefixes.

I am using the Flatty theme, but the error is also on the Default theme.


Thank you for your assistance.
Had the same issue.

to fix it you need to download the Changed Files Packages from here

then take the post.php and upload here - inc/datahandlers/post.php
Thank you!