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Full Version: MAke it so users can see Banned users ip and E_mail
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I have plugin what shows for what reason some user was banned for. How cann i make it so users can see banned users ip and email.
I don't really see why you'd need to do that, as it'll most likely be used for malicious purposes.

It shouldn't be too hard to do this anyways.
there might be a way to tweak this plugin

as is it is for admins and mods to view every users IP, geo location, etc. You probably could tweak it to show to all users, and then only show of banned users, etc.
There isn't a way to do it automatically without allowing members to have access to user IP's, as the IP is not stored in a way that allows members to see it. If you are interested in doing this you can use a plugin (like and simply add their IP to the ban reason, that's what forums such as Leakforums and Nulled do, just seperate it with a |