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Full Version: Some images are missing ?
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Hi everyone,

Look there, there are missing the ''Create topic'' icon, Edit, Delete, Answert, Quote, Alert etc..

Can someone tell me why and how to fix this ?


Forum :

[Image: 260541Capture.png]
Check your templates, the images may not be stored in the proper place, with the proper CHMOD settings, or may not exist at all. I tried to check this for you but your site seems to be down at the minute.
Ok thanks R34P3R.

The website changed host, now it's

Missing the '' Find '' and '' Reply '' buttons also.....
I disabled automatic caching since its hosted on my server. I think it may be a CSS issue, but its already 10:15pm for me so I need to go to sleep.
Well, this morning those images are still missing.
By icons do you mean saved image icons or are you using a icon script like FontAwesome?