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Full Version: Automatic Usergroup change from posts?
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Hi there, got a question for you all. How would one set up a usergroup that users are automatically added into after getting a certain number of posts? If it's not possible by default, is there a plugin which allows me to do this? Thank you for your time.
I answered this a little awhile ago for another support thread.

(2016-10-12, 02:46 AM)Sharree Wrote: [ -> ]Go to AdminCP

Go to Users & Groups > Groups > Add New User Group
- Fill all the fields
- copy the permissions from registered

Go to Users & Groups > Groups > Choose the Registered group > Forums and Posts
-Scroll down to Moderation Options and check Moderate New Posts / Moderate New Threads

Now go back to Users & Groups > Group Promotions > Add New Promotion
- Give the promotion a title and description
- Promotion Requirements: Post Count
- Post count: 3 (Greater than or equal to) < change number to your desired amount
- New user group: The new group you had made
- Usergroup change type: Primary usergroup
- Everything else you can leave as is

What this will do is, users in the registered group will have their posts monitored until they reach 3 posts. Once they have reached the 3 posts, they will then be moved to the new usergroup you had created (no monitoring).

Also I should mention that group promotions aren't immediate. It takes a 10 minutes or a little more before it updates the users group.
Thank you very much!