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About the MyBB Project

MyBB is a mature forum software platform developed by the MyBB Group

Years ago, Chris Boulton, web34rk, and b0ndman were on a team developing the XMB forum software. After some time, web34rk and b0ndman left the team and Chris became lead developer of a team with two other developers. Over time, staff shifted again and several developers didn't like the way things were heading and left the team, together forking the project as DevBB.  DevBB was the predecessor to MyBB, a temporary solution for people to use whilst MyBB, at the time MyBulletinBoard, was being developed from scratch.
MyBB 1.0 was released to the public on December 9, 2005 after several years of steady development and testing. In the years since, MyBB has undergone active development, further extending MyBB's capabilities through new features and the capabilities of third-party developers with improved plugin support. Over 60 versions of MyBB have been released since 1.0, ever improving MyBB's status in the forum software industry. Today, MyBB is a mature forum software with a wide range of useful features.
Development of MyBB 2.0, a complete rewrite of the software, is currently underway. While the MyBB team is responsible for planning MyBB's future, MyBB also relies on the involvement of its community to execute this vision by contributing in development, testing, support, or resources. If you have suggestions or would like to find out more about the development of MyBB 2.0, see the MyBB 2.0 Development forum.