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Full Version: Auto-embed links from social networks and media.
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It's me the brazilian guy who sucks in english.

Guys, a suggestion for 2.0:

What about a auto embed feature?

It's a modern feature present in any big system like Wordpress, wiki, and even in WhatsApp have that.

How is today in MyBB: For embed posts from Twitter in a post inside a thread i have to use a customized bbCode and use the big ugly code from the Twitter. Facebook links is impossible.

How about, just to post a link inside the reply/thread box and the Forum auto change for a embed post?

The guy posts a link from Twitter/Facebook: or

And the Forum automatically turns this ugly link to a magical nice, cute and fluffy little box with the content inside! (Like Wordpress does).

I'm thinking now just about big social networks, i think that is the main quality. But can work for links from another sites too, why not right?

Well, we are in the social networks days. Forum are struggling to survive. I think we have to approach users from both worlds. And that suggestion is a very nice feature. Looks like a pro Forum.

The same goes for media links: Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.

I don't know what the technical aspects for implementing such a feature, but... Well... You guys are the best coders that i know. 

Remember: Every big system today do this kind of thing. Forums don't. And no competitor have anything like.

Good bye. Until next suggestion.
(2017-04-06, 01:42 AM)palhanow Wrote: [ -> ]What about a auto embed feature?

Yes for Twitter; because they provide a card code.

Facebook is a little more difficult, since they have privacy settings that prevent this.
Facebook has instructions to embed your public posts.
(2017-04-11, 07:20 PM)laie_techie Wrote: [ -> ]Facebook has instructions to embed your public posts.

Yes; but not all posts are public and we have to assume EUs are idiots.