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Full Version: on update
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MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:1146 - Table 'forbidden.mybb_reportreasons' doesn't existQuery:SELECT * FROM mybb_reportreasons ORDER BY disporder

 forums are working it jsut errored this on the update
exactly which version of MyBB you have ?
1.8.11 up dated for 1.8.10 i have plugins enabled
do you have access to database at web host panel & does it consist of phpMyAdmin ?

if so, try creating the database table
CREATE TABLE mybb_reportreasons (
  rid int unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
  title varchar(250) NOT NULL default '',
  appliesto varchar(250) NOT NULL default '',
  extra tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0',
  disporder smallint unsigned NOT NULL default '0',

see if required => common sql queries guidance
yes i have access im runing that now

0 row(s) affected

it ran cleanly

well im here is there ant ssl tuts for debian i have to do 2 domains

nm i tryed that made the site not work

reinstalled mysql and now getting error 44
fml so close
^ reinstalling MySQL was not required. anyway, have you restarted the server ..
suggested query should have been worked & added the missing database table

Edit: see also replies here
finally all working after much reinstalling (mysql forgot root password lol) witch was needed.

thank you