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Full Version: Got These Errors after updating to 1.8.11
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Hi. I face with 403 error while i want to post a thread in forums . i am super moderator user  and i can edit and delete posts but when want to post a new thread i got 403 error ! 

.. Another Error that i face with are these :

Warning [2] curl_setopt_array(): Array keys must be CURLOPT constants or equivalent integer values - Line: 6889 - File: inc/functions.php PHP 


These error just appear in admin panel >> check for updates 

what should i do ?

See the heading "Note about updated packages"
Second Problem Solved !
thank you

and how about first problem ?
how to fix 403 error !?
The 403 error may be a result of Mod_Security. Ask your host to disable Mod_Security for you.