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Full Version: Getting 404 after QuickLogin
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I disabled the friendly redirects on my borad and since then I get a 404 error code everytime someone logs in via the popup window, regardless of the theme.

It tries to access the following site
How can i fix this?
which version of MyBB you are using ? what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?
im using the newest version (1.8?) current theme is myBBdark, but it occurs at every theme

url is
tested quick login on your forum & I haven't faced above referred redirect problem ! [browser --> firefox 52]
now i disabled the friendly redirect, try again please
which plugins you have in active status ?
none, when i installed some themes previously, i had to add some .js files, but i dont use these themes
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check it ..
Jup, you have mail

Find anything?

Ok it works now, thank you Smile
^ looks like you are yet to see my message (PM)
anyway, now quick login should redirect to forum's index