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Full Version: update routine remove stylesheets
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When update to new 1.8.11 many stylesheets was deleted, in past version same happens but this time system remove at least 4 stylesheets on my test board but is only new styles.

Can you provide steps to reproduce this? Were the stylesheets custom stylesheets or not?
Only new ones, i have created some new ones manually and others via plugins, but only some of them are in there other ones are deleted. I have to recreate new ones.

Anyway i have a backup of my forums before update and after update i will check difference betwen stylesheets to give you more detailed info of how to reproduce this issue.
I've encounter this problem with a stylesheet added by my plugin MyArcade. Whenever you upgrade it deletes the stylesheet.
I have reviewed and stylesheets with non null values, due strict mode enabled.

Value to attachedto if is 0, then all stylesheets with that value are removed on every upgrade, but if you set to null, when strict mode have to alter some value to use null or empty value or none. I have to use 0 because i know that value loads globally my stylesheets.

Maybe users who has changed this value have experienced the same problem. Cache files of every stylesheet are remaining but template are missing. Same for all with similar value, i have not tested more data, but at this point is the issue on upgrade.

Another issue by the way is style save in normal mode, changes are not saved.

I make a video but i share it when i can renderer and upload to some fileshare hosting.
I think i know exactly how to reproduce it.

System renoves all attached templates from master style. ( after some tests in local i see all attached from master style are removed but thi not happens on 1.8.8 or lesser versions of mybb.

I will do more tests but if someone can confirm to know i am in right way.