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Full Version: Adjustments to purge spammer
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So I have a few adjustments that should be made to purge spammer:

  1. If a spammer makes more posts than the post limit the feature doesn't work unless you disable the cap. Therefore I recommend a purge spammer anyways feature, it would be done ONLY through the Mod CP, would require the staff member to type the name of the user, retype in their password, solve a captcha, and tick a check box acknowledging that they understand they are purging a member with more posts than the preset cap. If this is a big issue for moderators maybe make it an Admin CP feature.
  2. If you a purging a spammer due to a specific post, MyBB should run an IP Whois lookup, then email the appropriate network abuse contact and include a copy of the message and other critical information.
  3. Allow admins to exempt specific groups from the purge spammer function. If you are worried about accidentally purging a specific user that you know won't be posting up to the cap for a little while, you should be able to put them in a seperate group that's exempt from moderators and the function and only an administrator would be able to handle it.
Thank you for considering these suggestions Smile