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Full Version: Change Last_subject without core-edit
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Hi everyone, 

I would like to re-suggest this: klick

The length of $last_subject is still hardcoded in functions_forumlist.php:
if(my_strlen($lastpost_subject) > 25)
        $lastpost_subject = my_substr($lastpost_subject, 0, 25)."...";

I would love to change it but at the same time I want to avoid hardcode-edits at any costs as they tend to make updating more difficult. Therefore it would be great to have an option in the ACP to change it there. 

Is there any option to do this? 
I've seen the discussion in the linked thread about own settings in the thread I linked but to be honest I don't really understand how to do this. 
Also I apologise if this has already been suggested for 1.8 but I couldn't find it in this area. Smile

- Senya
Nice idea Smile
It wouldn't be hard to implement. +1
I believe there is a bunch of places that it would need to be changed in, but it shouldn't be that hard.


I would like to ask MyBB team if you can clean up this forum category (suggestios and feedback) and push the usefull (and easy to implement) features into GitHub
+1 this