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Full Version: Settings update glitchy in ACP after changing hosts
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I have this forum: . So I changed my hosting service and done all I had to do based of the guide and everything seems OK, except when I update a setting from ACP it lags a bit. It's strange: I click "save setting" and I have to actually click a few links and navigate de ACP a bit for the settings update message to appear.

If this helps finding what's the problem: I have this mod installed. So I tried erasing my cookies from the browser, and I went to my website. This plugin ask me to accept the cookie law, I click "accept" and... Nothing happens! It reloads the page, and the message it's still there.

Ok, so I log in. I put my username and password, I click login, and I get the login confirmation message. I click ok, and it redirects me to... The cookie law plugin accept message! As if it lasted a bit of time since I clicked ok for it to update, or something.

I have already checked if my cookie settings are allright. I have erased settings.php and changed a setting in phpmyadmin for it to rebuild. I have rebuilt cache.

But I still have the problem.

I now it's strange and I probably haven't explained myself all I could, but thank you for at least reading through it, any help appreciated.


PD: Apparently not only in ACP, one of my users says that a new post doesn't appear up until 10 seconds.

Edit: So I tried upgrading MyBB and even when removing the "lock" file I had to wait a long time for it to recognize it LOL
login to your web host control panel & search for Varnish. if it appears then try to disable it for your forum.
if above doesn't help then contact your web host for the support.
Yeah, that did solve it!

Thank you A LOT Smile keep the good work, guys, mybb is awesome <3