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Full Version: Get Rid of Thread Password?
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Hello! I've recently started using MyBB and am currently making a website but a problem that occurred to me is thread password. If you have any idea of how to disable this please leave a response!

Thread Password:
do you remember adding password requirement for a forum named Administration Announcements ?
it is set at the forum settings in forum management section of admin panel.

you have to edit that forum & remove the password.

[forum management (MyBB 1.6.x)]
I've tried that and it worked for the first 4 threads/forums but for all the other ones it doesn't work
may be your browser is automatically filling the password field. can you try with a different browser ..

if direct help required (assuming that your forum is eligible for support) then
you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel to check the issue
Thank you for the help! Just as you said it does appear like my browser is filling in it automatically.