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Full Version: changing how quotes are displayed
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hi everyone, 
I would like to change the way quotes are displayed in the threads. 
I like them to say "<usertitle> Wrote...." instead of the current way where the username is used in the quotes. 

Thank you for your help!

You can do this by modification of blockquote_cite and blockquote in global.css of your theme.
Also you can restructure your quote structure in inc/class_parser.php (Search for blockquote.)

hi there, 
Thanks for the reply. 
I visited the class_parser.php and it looks like the function that sets up the call back are these two: 

 function mycode_parse_post_quotes_callback1($matches)
    return $this->mycode_parse_post_quotes($matches[4],$matches[2].$matches[3]);

function mycode_parse_post_quotes_callback2($matches)
     return $this->mycode_parse_post_quotes($matches[4],$matches[2].$matches[3], true);

where the second argument, seems to be the username passed to the function: 

 function mycode_parse_post_quotes($message, $username, $text_only=false)

I am not sure how to change the argument that gets passed to it to the usertitle. (also, why is the function argument that is the username concatenated from two variables? that is odd)
I dumped out the datastructure of $matches, there is no usertitle information in there. 

Thank you

anybody?... Sad