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Full Version: Malicious Software
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Rather annoyingly my web host has disabled my website as they claim to detect malware in 11 of my files, three of which are MyBB related. My website is very important to me and they say they wont re-enable it until the files are cleaned. They have given me the list of files and their problems however I don't have any idea what they're trying to say and how to deal with the problem as I have never edited any of these files.

I don't have the funds to hire a developer and was really hoping someone could help me here with either the MyBB files or all of them if they could.

The MyBB files are these apparently:

./public_html/forum/admin/jscripts/jqueryui/js/404.php   ->   VERY LONG LINE
./public_html/forum/inc/mybb_group.php   ->   VERY LONG LINE
./public_html/forum/inc/xthreads/xt_image.php   ->   base_convert

If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

Can you package these files and share them in the Private Inquiries section? We'll have a look.

You can also run Tools & Maintenance → File Verification in the ACP and see