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Full Version: spammer database error mybb register
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When i trying to make a new account on my forum appear this error

"something went wrong verifying your account against a scammer database.Please try again later"

What is that? How solve that?
did you purge yourself? Or maybe stopforumspam was down at that time.
Now it's ok...all guests can make accounts...
But why error appear?
I want to know Smile

If StopForumSpam is down, my register is down too?

I do not purge myself
I am not sure how they handle the database, or whether its linked to the site or not. But all servers have some forms a glitches...and it looks like you might of dropped in one.

It doesnt happen often. I havent ever heard of someone having a problem with the stopforumspam database with registering before. But if it happens often then there is more of a problem than that