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Full Version: Prefixselect in the selected forum
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I don't know how could I add {$prefixselect} in the selected forum (only where is prefix used or selected fid)
Now I have prefixselect on every forum, but this is superfluous when i dont have any prefix in other forum.

[Image: 9941dde9a6d742f4a38b831591ac335c.png]
Open forumdisplay.php and search for

$prefixselect = build_forum_prefix_select($fid, $tprefix);

change to

$dbresult = $db->query("SELECT *
		FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threadprefixes
	$row = $db->num_rows($dbresult);
		$prefixselect = build_forum_prefix_select($fid, $tprefix);