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Full Version: what does ip block actually do on their end
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So we have a troll making new accounts from various southern india IP addresses. We blocked the last IP segment range, but now he is posting as a guest on our chatbox (DVZ_shoutbox). Does the IP ban range stop them from making accounts but still view the site, or they not allowed to even see the forum at all? What exactly does the ban IP do on their end?
They get a forbidden message and will not be able to see your forum pages at all. It's best not to allow guest posting as trollers may be able to hide / change their IP address with ease.
Ok thank you.

Yeah I guess i didnt think of that when i made guest postable on chat. I guess back to IRC
Indian ISPs use dynamic IP ( most of them ). All you have to do is restart your router, and you will get a new IP.