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Full Version: Help Documents Bug
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- Basically, i'm trying to change the help_documents through Admin CP and it appears to be not changing whatsoever. Any idea to get this fixed?
this reply might help ! [see also common sql queries guidance]
It didn't help, although it crashed my website for a limited time.


Sometimes my theme doesn't work properly too, my <!-- appears to be an text and there's much more bug exists al though im using 1.8.10
Confirmed.  Help documents cannot be edited through the ACP
However, I've posted new documents and deleted old help docs (on my localhost).  Have not tried it on the live forum yet.
It seems to be a work around that you might try.

Confirmed on live forum:
It does work.  Add a new Help Document - verify that it is indeed "there".
Then delete the old help document that cannot be edited.

Yep, this is an issue I've reported. You'll need to edit your help document language files to change the default documents that come shipped with MyBB.