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Full Version: Forum Problem
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Well Hello guys..
i really need your help..
i've problems in my forum (mybb)..
recently i've changed my forum domain+hosting
but before i do that i've back up my files from old host.. and i upload it to the new host..
i found few problems like SQL Error(mybb db+pw  were wrong.. anyway i fix them)..
but now i cant login in ACP..
i've just edit settings.php but when i do that i can login to AdminCP..
but Users cant log out from forum..
my members can login/log out wirhout problems if i let the old edit(without changing Domain Cookie..)
but after i change domain Cookie.. no one can login/logout.. expect ACP..
i've already do like that..
i backup files first..then DB(phpmyadmin)..
but i've the same problem..
any one know solution ?
what is your forum url, which theme you are using & who is your web host ?
forum URL:
Theme: Free theme!
remove www from the board url & clear your browser cookies (link available here) and try login process again
still not working..
now i can't login/logout as Admin(ACP) or even user(member) ...
registered a new user account (uid = 92) and I was able to login & navigate around without any problem

can you try using another web browser ..
Working ON Google Chrome..
and not working in Mozila..
how to fix that ?
Completly clear your browser cache and stored files from ff.
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