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Full Version: Restoring mySQL DATABASE help please :(
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i changed my forum hosting to another one , i made a backup for mysql database ..
now , how can i restore it ? 
please help me immediately , i have many members and threads Sad
Did you check Backup wizard ? It have options to restore ( cPanel ).
see this guidance => Moving to a New Web Host
thanks , i'm trying to do it right now
but can you please explain this :

"Create a new database and user on the new host. Change the database configuration variables in ./inc/config.php to the values appropriate for your new host."

also i created the backup from my hosting provider cpanel not from mybb is it ok ?

Everything is perfect now , thank you very much Smile

Edit 2 :
i can't access to admin panel
it says global.lang not exist , i tried to add it , nothing happened !
^ what is your forum url ?