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Full Version: MyAlert Error in User CP
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Please help with this myalert problem, if i use other mybb theme myalert display in usercp is not messy, but if i use my main theme (which i screenshot) it looks mess
which theme you are using ? can you post or PM me its purchasing proof ..
also post a test user account or PM me temporary access to admin panel with theme purchasing proof
I got it for free on google. There is someone who gave it to me without having to pay it
please note that support can be denied for using such downloaded premium themes.
[MyBB Support Eligibility Policy]
dh gk ush, aink dh bsa.. aink lupa klo aink pinter mhank, jd bsa kelarin errornya.. 10Q mhank mimin!
Looks like your theme doesn't use tables for the user CP. If you can provide proof of ownership of the theme as .m. requested, I can probably fix it for you.