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Full Version: Cannot log in, not sure what to do :(
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I am in a bit of a pickle with my mbbb :/
(url =

I had it working perfectly fine and then when I had login issues before I followed a thread here explaining how to reset the cookie settings which worked, now when i try log in, it does but im still not logged in, trying to bypass the page and go to admin it will log me in but then when i click links in there not only does it kick me out and try get me to relog in the urls look like 

"/forum/admin/index.php?module=style" (is this normal I cant remember?)

I originally had my forum set at but decided to change it so I could utilise my SSL certificate, I am stuck i have looked through the files to see whats gone wrong (i did edit the header bars to that when you go to log into admincp instead of directing there it opens it as a new tab/page but it was working after that.

Im at witts end I don't know what I can do and the only thing I can think of is to delete the whole thing and attempt to start from scratch.
open ~/inc/settings.php file & remove / at the end of cookie domain value
then you should be able to login to forum admin panel
& again remove trailing slash used for cookie domain at Site Details page of Configuration section
OMG thank you so much! that worked exactly as you said, I had tried even restarting the settings.php file as well and that didn't work.