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Full Version: Have 2 Different Forums in One
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Hi everyone.
I´m the owner of a site that has game servers on it.
I started with a minecraft server but now I´m expanding to other games and my Forum is fill out with minecraft stuff.
Is there any way that I can create a completely new different forum without having to create a new web site?
I don´t want either create a new category because they will have to be in different web site pages


yes, you can install & use another forum however users will have separate logins

you can make a new folder (eg. forum2) , create another database at your web server
& install new forum by uploading MyBB files to forum2 folder & using new database ..

note: it would be difficult to maintain multiple sites / forums on free web hosting
If you are running two different forums, make sure you use a different cookie prefix on both of them or you will run into log in / log out issues.