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Full Version: Problems transfering to new web host
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Firstly apologies if I am in the wrong forum.

Using a database and subdomain in my own website I set up myBB and "tuned it" to what I wanted - colors, admin etc.

Using myBB's Documentation guidelines I transferred it to a new web host.

Transfer went ok. Site appears etc

The problem that I have got is that I cannot Log In (as Administrator or a simple User). Attempts to change password refer me back to the original site.

I am going in continuous circles.

Any advice to avoid having to go back to the beginning would be appreciated.

First you need to update your settings.php file and look for cookie domain. It should be and cookie path should be /.
(05-16-2017, 11:50 AM)dragonexpert Wrote: [ -> ]First you need to update your settings.php file and look for cookie domain.  It should be and cookie path should be /.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

After I posted, I discovered that if I logged in as a simple user, it first appeared that I had failed to log in, but if I opened a posting that I had made on the old server as that user, I was taken back to that domain and server. To me that suggested that there were records in the database that contained the old domain address.
I found them, and changed them. Problem remained.
I have checked the server settings.php file in the root directory and it is empty. So I can't change anything.

I have decided that rather than keep fiddling with it (it's causing my head to spin), to go back and start from the beginning with a fresh installation. I know which image files and css files that I changed and copying and pasting of forum names etc should get me back to where I want to be.

It suggests to me that the transfer is more complicated than the documentation
( suggests.

Thanks for your help anyway.
if you are yet to restart with a fresh installation,
you can delete settings.php file in inc folder & check if it regenerates.

if you get back it with old domain details then you can change those values first
in the file
& later at Side Details page of Configuration section in forum admin panel