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Full Version: MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
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I am not sure what could have caused this but here is the link can someone please help me!
- Make sure you added the database user to your forum database and use grant statements to give it the privileges it needs.

- Make sure the database settings in the inc/config.php file are correct.

If you still can't connect try to reinstall MyBB and make sure you get your database / MySQL info right.

If you need any other help please see or reply to this thread.
It's an auth error, it means your username either had the wrong password or doesn't have permissions to access the database.
Well the forum was working perfectly fine before. If the username or password is wrong what is the location to check if it is wrong or not?
~/inc/config.php file consists of database configuration settings.
your forum's database password, username, or host needs to be changed in it.
I have checked all the details and they are correct. I can also access the database manually so i am not sure why this error is happening...
PM me your config.php file but DONT include DB password please. I'll fix it and PM with the fix version to see if it works.
If you are having this issue it could also mean that your site is denying access, check your MySQL settings to make sure the user has all privileges over the database. Also check your allowed IP's for MySQL and add '%' as an allowed IP, this should allow your forum access no matter the address. If that doesn't help feel free to PM me or add me on skype (reaper_259) and I'll be more than happy to help out!
Considering you have made sure everything is correct, it's likely that the database/forum installation was corrupted.
I haven't experienced your specific situation, so the only advice I can give is try recreating your MySQL database and users. If that doesn't work, delete the database, users, and reinstall MyBB. Wish I could help more!
Umm I think it was something to do with my host as i left it over night as i wasn't sure what was going on and now it is fixed...