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Full Version: Admins having to activate users? Not selected?
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New users registrations are having to be activated by admins on my board. The red notice bar comes up on index page directing the admin to ACP to activate member. I believe I have it set so that email verification is the only requirement - not admin activation. Does "Awaiting activation notification" mean that admins have to activate each account? The way that setting reads is that you're toggling the notification itself, not the setting of admin activation itself. 

What do you think?

[Image: ShlvimUH.jpg]
This happens because the users hasn't activated their email it will go away when they do.

If you need any other supoort please reply.
Administrators still have the ability to verify users without them verifying via email, it is perfectly normal to have a list of 'unverified' users, this just means they haven't confirmed their information via email. Awaiting activation in this case simply means that they have not verified their email, and there is no need for an Administrator to verify their account as it can be done with either the code or link sent to them at the time of registration.
It's most likely because those users do not have an active e-mail address. Because of that, administrators have to manually activate the account(s).