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Full Version: Event Calendar-Hover
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Hey is there a way to get the description of a calendar event on hover of the link? I'd like to useĀ {$event['description']}

but i'm not sure how to make sure it gets the right ID? Thank you!
your theme templates >> Calendar Templates >> calendar

find {$headerinclude} near the beginning of the template code.
after {$headerinclude} add below code & save

  .desc_hover {display: none;}
  .desc_hover {font-size: 14px;}
  td:hover .desc_hover {display: block;}

your theme templates >> Calendar Templates >> calendar_eventbit

find {$event['name']}</a> and after it add below code & save
<div class="desc_hover">{$event['description']}</div>

check if it works as required.
Thanks! Works great! XD