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Full Version: Help for a Newbie in Design?
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Hi there!

I know this may be odd and probably no one will answer this but I didn't knew where else to ask or write this. 
I have used for 6+ years wbblite and managed to learn quite a bit in the topics html and css. But not THAT much. I'm average I guess. But because there are now problems and my friend suggested me MyBB to cope with that - I aggreed! I think it's great and looks awesome but there is one problem: I can't managed to get my head around with the coding of the design. I don't understand it or don't know what to do or where to go to change this or that! All i Want is a theme for an RPG Board...

Is there a possibility to get to know someone on here who can maybe help? Teach maybe? My friend is only specified in wbblite so am I. Maybe even someone who could try making a Base so that I can try making the plugins and "last steps" on my own somehow? Or do you know websites where there are specific Tutorials for Designsmaking? 

I know it sounds odd and I'm not looking for someone who does all the work for me. Just...helping a newbie! Maybe? Smile

Greetings <3
Go to: Create a free mybb forum, and play around, you control the style and look through themes, in the admin control panel, and you control design via templates in the admin control panel. Once you start experimenting you will get the feel for it in no time.
Oh Okay I will definetly check the Site out! Thank you very much! Smile